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Downtown Portsmouth Engagement | Melissa + Joey | NH Wedding Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer | Amanda Rai Photography

We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening this past Saturday. After a lot of rain the past couple of weeks, the sun finally came out and all of the trees are in full bloom! Melissa, Joey, and I moseyed around downtown Portsmouth as we exchanged stories and laughed a lot.

nh wedding photographer

The story of Melissa and Joey's first date is certainly a tale to remember! Melissa was headed to the restaurant that they had decided to meet at, but as she was turning into the parking lot she ran right into the curb. After parking she realized that her tire was flat! Melissa walked into the restaurant. Joey saw her and asked "are you Melissa?", she said that she was and that she needed help with her tire. He willfully agreed to come outside to help her out. They pull the jack out of the car, which he claims was tiny...way too small for the car that she had. (The way he tells this part of the story had me laughing SO hard). Apparently the parking lot was recently repaved and the asphalt was soft. The jack started SINKING into the road and eventually the car fell OFF of the jack. Melissa decided that was enough of that and called AAA. Then the two of them went out for ice cream as they waited. Talk about a good story!

Joey took Melissa to the aquarium this January, hoping to propose there, but bailed on that idea when he realized how small it was! After the aquarium they went to dinner. Joey was so nervous throughout the dinner that he kept feeling for the ring box to make sure that he didn't lose it! After dinner they walked around snowy Boston for a while because Joey was trying to find the perfect spot. That’s when they found a trellis of lights near Faneuil Hall, there wasn’t a car on the road or a soul in sight. It was perfect and intimate. Joey was holding Melissa's hand and spun her around, got down on one knee and asked “Melissa Lindsay Burton, will you marry me?” 

We used every ounce of daylight walking around beautiful downtown Portsmouth. As the sun was setting we wandered to the pier to watch the sunset over the Memorial Bridge. It was absolutely stunning! Everything about this session was perfection: the light, the breeze, Melissa's red dress...EVERYTHING!

nh wedding photographer

Congratulations Melissa and Joey! I look forward to hanging with you again on your wedding day!

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