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Hooksett NH, Engagement | Emily + Mike| NH Wedding Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer | Amanda Rai Photography

This was a very special engagement session for me for several reasons. One reason is that it was the first shoot my husband has been to. He is training to be a second shooter for me and he got to capture lots of behind the scenes action! What made it even more special is that, like my husband, Mike loves cars and brought his Chevy Nova to the shoot! We were all in car heaven!

engagement session

I love a good first meeting story and Emily and Mike delivered! They met through mutual friends when they were 18. For Mike it was love at first sight! Can you blame him?! The first night they met they were romantically driving down a railroad track in the bed of a pickup truck while looking up at the stars. It was a crystal clear night and Mike was trying to impress Emily by talking about the constellations. It must've worked! A year and a half of their relationship was long distance when Emily lived in Florida. These two are so committed to each other and every second spent with them it was obvious how in love they are!

Mike asked Emily to marry him in front of her family at Thanksgiving dinner. The family was going around the table saying what they were thankful for and Mike wanted to go last. He said he was thankful for his job and family and asking Emily to marry him! His goal was to catch her totally off guard, Emily was not prepared for that at all!

engagement with car

wedding photographer

Congratulations Emily and Mike! I can't wait until next summer for your beautiful wedding day!

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