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Jamaican Adventure

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

My husband and I love traveling, especially alone. You know the babies that cry the entire flight on the airplane? Yeah? That’s our kids!

We have had a particularly taxing year, so we have been looking forward to this trip for a long time! We woke up before the crack of dawn and caught a bus to Boston. Does anybody else feel like they’re the third class Irish citizens on the Titanic as you walk past first class into coach? Ahh me too...anyways. We watched the sun rise over Boston from my airplane window seat. I was way to excited to sleep (and probably on my third cup of coffee at that point anyways).

We had a two hour layover in New Jersey. We were walking around stretching our legs when over the airport intercom my husband heard “Amanda Perkins from Boston, report to Gate 109 for your lost belonging”. I wasn’t even aware I had lost anything! Good thing too because if I knew I would have been freaking out! lost belonging was MY PASSPORT! The airport attendant made sure she let me know how big of a deal it was that I forgot my passport on the airplane. Of course I knew that. I don’t even know how it fell out of my bag! Anyways, we made it safely to the resort.

This was an all inclusive resort, so as soon as my husband and I arrived in our room, we scoured the mini fridge! Nope, not for alcohol, but for WATER. We drink A LOT of water. If you know me personally you know I am always toting around my huge purple water bottle. We had to keep ordering water bottles from room service, at least 20 bottles a day! The bottles were “eco friendly” size, which means they were tiny and definitely not enough to quench the thirst of a water slamming New Englander sweating by the pool every day.

Oh, you want to hear another good story?! Ok...There is this white polo shirt that I bought Ben (husband) a few years back when I wanted to do some family photos on the beach in Florida. He has never liked this shirt. He has told me several times that we should donate it because he never wears it, but I refuse! Who knows when the next time we are going to need to take some photos on the beach in a white polo! I told Ben I wanted him to bring it to Jamaica to wear it at dinner or something. He complied. The second evening we were there, he put on the infamous white polo for me. Well, by the end of the night he had spilled RED wine on it. Not once. BUT TWICE. So, not sure if a white shirt can come back from that kind of abuse, we will have to see!

We didn't do any excursions, all we really wanted to do was sit and do absolutely nothing but soak in the sun and read. Mission Accomplished! The 4 days we were gone in this Caribbean paradise was magical and as always with my love, memorable!

(All photos captured on my iPhone 7)

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