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Keene State College Camp, New Hampshire Wedding | Ashleigh & Zach

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Amanda Rai Photography | NH Wedding Photographer

"Love is All You Need" by The Beatles begins to play over the speaker system and the procession down the aisle begins. Some of Ashleigh and Zach's nieces and nephews are there holding signs that tell Uncle Zach to get ready for his bride. Then we see Ashleigh and her dad. Everyone stands and they walk down the aisle together. About halfway down the aisle Ashleigh realizes that Zach surprised her by bringing their dog, Willow! Willow was fully dressed in all of the wedding colors and had the cutest bandanna on with wildflowers on it. This was just the start of a heartfelt (and funny) ceremony that was followed by an epic reception at Keene State College Camp!

This early June wedding was the perfect day. Sunny, warm, absolutely beautiful. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Zach got in position for their First Look. He was so excited and anxiously waiting for his bride to be! I met Ashleigh in the parking lot and showed her where he was, and then I stepped back and watched the moment unfold. Ashleigh walked all the way up to Zach and then tapped his shoulder. When he turned around his face lit up and he took her hands and looked her all over. Such a super sweet moment, how lucky am I that I got to be there for it?!

nh wedding photographer

Zach is the youngest of 11 children! His siblings did not disappoint when they began a flash mob to "We Are Family" during their toast. The choreographed dance moves made it obvious that they did a lot of practicing for this moment! When everyone thought that was tough to beat, Ashleigh's siblings did something super unexpected! They put on quite a show when they had 4 actors come up during their speech as extra siblings. The actors shared stories of Ashleigh as a child and memories that they "had" with her growing up. Everyone was laughing throughout both toasts. So much joy was had during the reception!

On a table there was a basket of handkerchiefs with a sign that said "for your happy tears". Those were most needed, because the day was filled with laughter, love, joy, and happy tears.

keene state college camp wedding

Congratulations Ashleigh and Zach! Thank you for choosing me to be there on your big day!
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