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Memory Jar Slips: Date or date?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

We have a tradition in my house. It is called the Memory Jar. Inside of the clear Bormioli jar are thin slips of white computer paper. Every time something happens in our family that we want to remember we write it down and throw it in the jar. Every New Year’s Eve, my husband and I sit down together after the kids have gone to bed and we take turns reading them out loud.


My husband and I both have siblings. I’m a middle child (no shock there, right?) and he is the baby of his family. We know how important it is to spend one on one time with each of our kids, to not only make them feel special for a day, but we find it to be a really great way to get to know our kids a little better. That being said, we’re not super great at it. We always have great intentions, saying “we should do a date night with each kid once a month”. Then it gets muddy...who takes the kid out? Me? You? Both of us? We are also extremely busy people. Which is no excuse, our family should be one of our top priorities, but unfortunately it is our reality at the moment. Okay, stage is set.

My children were playing with kinetic sand at the kitchen table one evening as my husband got home from work. I was in the kitchen starting to make dinner and as he was putting his coat away and taking off his shoes, we began a conversation. I have no idea what the conversation was about, but we were talking about our schedule and what is coming up on our calendar. I asked my husband, “what’s today’s date?” James, my son, perked up and chimed in saying “can I go on the date too!?” laughing I said “you want to go on a date?” and he replied “YEAH!!.........with daddy”.


Oh ok.

So then they left and went on a date, right then and there, to Panera. Chopped LIVER!

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