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Odiorne Point Elopement | Rye, NH | NH Wedding Photographer | Maci & Michael

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Amanda Rai Photography | NH Wedding Photographer

Maci and Michael have been waiting for this day since they got engaged, 383 days ago! June 6, 2020 was supposed to be their Wedding Day... then COVID hit and put a wrench in their plans. These two were forced to reschedule their wedding day to 2021, and June 6, 2021 was not available with their venue. That day was going to be more than just their wedding day. You see, June 6 means a whole lot more to them than that. On June 6, 2013 Maci became a survivor of a horrific house fire, in which she still wears the scars of everyday. Her wedding day, June 6, 2020 was going to be the moment where she took the day back and made it something beautiful.

Tragedy to Triumph.

Beauty from Ashes.

She wasn’t going to let COVID take that from her. So she began to plan a different approach. Michael & Maci will still have their big wedding day next year, but they decided to elope on June 6, 2020 and celebrate something beautiful.

It was an intimate affair with their parents and siblings in attendance.

At the beginning of the ceremony the JP announced that there would be a moment of silence for those that could not be in attendance, including Maci's grandmother. At that moment the dark cloudy sky opened up and a beam of light came through. That was a truly magical moment that I will never forget!

Michael and Maci wrote their own vows and shared them with each other. These vows were both touching and funny! They spoke of their deep connection and love for one another and shared some funny stories as well. There wasn't a dry eye in the area when all was said and done!

These two have such a strong connection and their love is so evident. I was so honored to be one of few in attendance at this intimate elopement!

Seacoast Science Center Elopement
Seacoast Science Center Elopement
NH elopement
Seacoast Science Center Elopement
Seacoast Science Center Elopement
NH elopement
NH elopement
nh wedding photographer
NH elopement
NH elopement
NH Wedding Photographer
NH Wedding
COVID elopement

Thank you Maci and Michael for trusting me to help you tell your story and take back your day! I can’t wait until your big wedding day next year!

Vendor Love

Venue: Seacoast Science Center

JP: Martha Jean Dickey

Florals: Pinewoods Yankee Farm

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