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Our Story: Part 3

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

NH Wedding Photographer old are you?


When people ask me "how did you meet your husband?" I find myself giving the quick answer. I hardly ever go into detail because it just takes too long to explain. It is a really good story, so this series takes you from how we met all the way to our wedding day!

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My ears were starting to ring. The music was so loud and the lights were flashing. There were so many people, and it was getting hot. My sisters and I were dancing the night away with a couple of guys, one of who she was deployed with a few weeks earlier. It was getting late and we were all pretty sweaty, tired, and hungry. We decided as a group to meet at a breakfast spot down the road for some food. We were all sat by a hostess and I ended up at a booth, me and my sisters on one side and two guys on the other side. I was making small talk with one of them, he was funny and witty, and seemed like he would be cool to hang out with. As we were talking he told me that he was 22...hey! I was 22. He looked a lot older than 22 to me though. I asked for proof and he handed me his drivers license. His birthday year was 1987, just like he said, and that license I held in my hand is where I learned his name: Ben.

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