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Schooners Thomas E. Lannon Micro Wedding

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Robin and George's original wedding plans were disrupted by the restrictions and guidelines that came with COVID. Getting married on a sailboat with only their close family was actually their Plan C! I felt so honored to be part of such an intimate affair. Although the forecast called for scattered rain showers, it was crystal clear blue skies with a few white fluffy clouds. We even saw a rainbow! After boarding and sailing off from Gloucester, we found a spot on the water to stop and anchor so that the wedding ceremony could commence!

Once Robin and George officially tied the knot, the celebration began! There was lobster dinners, great music, toasts, and delicious desserts! Above all was the jaw dropping sunset that we got to watch. Although this was not the original plan that Robin and George had, there was just as much love, joy, and celebration!

Congratulations Robin and George!
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