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Strawbery Banke Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH | Julia + Brandon

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Seacoast NH | NH Wedding Photographer

Julia, Brandon, and I met on a very cool breezy day. They are the sweetest and never complained, not even once! The way that they look at each other, guys, I could tell right off the bat how much they cared for each other. Their love is apparent, even in the first few minutes of meeting them!

Julia & Brandon met through friends. Fate, as some would call it! They have now been together for two years.

strawbery banke engagement

strawbery banke engagement

Julia & Brandon took a trip to Disney World recently. On the day of their two year anniversary, Brandon knelt down on one knee right in front of Cinderella's Castle and Julia said YES!

strawbery banke engagement

nh wedding photographer
Congratulations you two! Your wedding is going to be amazing, but your marriage is going to be even better!
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