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Top 3 Travel Tips For a Smoother Trip | NH Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Collect Memories, Not Things.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to travel. I have done my fair share of traveling in my lifetime (growing up a military brat and having a tourist heart) and I have definitely learned a thing or two along the way. Not only do I love traveling for fun, but my family is split between Florida and Illinois, with extended family even farther than that, so I also travel out of necessity to see my family every so often. I have definitely learned some travel tips over the years that make traveling so much easier! Good news for you is that what I have learned the hard way you get to learn for FREE, no pain required.

Travel Tips
Ancient Mayan Ruins

First Tip: Use a Travel Agent!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! All commission that these professionals receive is built into the price, so there is no cost to you. Resorts, hotels, cruise lines, and airlines pay travel agents because they bring them business. It is a win-win! Many travel agents have traveled to the exact place that you want to visit and have first hand experience and can guide you in the right direction. You basically dream build with your travel agent and they turn it into a reality...without you having to stress at all! If you have a dream vacation in mind, do yourself a favor and find a great travel agent!

Second Tip: Prepare for Bad Weather

I was told my whole life that San Diego is always 75 degrees and sunny. I looked forward to a trip there for years and years, I always wanted to go! My husband and I spent a good 6+ months planning a 5 day trip to beautiful California (on our own...pre-"get yourself a travel agent" era). We rented a convertible and planned out our drive up the coast from San Diego to San Francisco. When we finally arrived, after months of planning, the weather was no where near perfect. It was cold, cloudy, and rainy the ENTIRE TIME. Needless to say, even though I checked the weather, I did not pack the appropriate clothes. I was so cold! I didn’t pack pants and sweatshirts! It was San Diego in JULY! All of that aside, the worst of it all is I didn’t MENTALLY prepare for the bad weather. We didn’t have any back up plan to what we could do if it was raining. I was so upset because what I was expecting didn’t happen. Prepare yourself for everything! You never know until you get there!

Third Tip: Pack From Your Dryer

For some reason when I am packing for a trip I always get this burning desire to pack clothes that have been sitting in my closet for YEARS that I have rarely worn. (Why am I like this?). There is a reason I haven’t worn that outfit. It is usually super uncomfortable or just not practical! My advice is to pack most of your clothes straight from your dryer, as in, pack what you normally wear. Sure throw in that brand new swimsuit or sundress...but the majority of what you pack should be clothes you know and love! Comfort is key!

If you found these tips helpful and want more, don't forget to snag my free resource"10 MUST have packing tips".

I sure hope these tips are as helpful for you as they are for me! Keep adventuring and don't forget to download my free "10 MUST have packing tips" for your next trip!

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