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Wagon Hill Farm Engagement | Durham, NH | Associate Team

Updated: May 12, 2022

NH Wedding Photographer | Light and Airy NH Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer

Every couple’s story is different and special in its own way. We just love getting to know our couples and getting the privilege to hear their unique love stories!

Lauren and Dylan met while Lauren was still in high school. They attended the same high school but only met through a mutual friend after Dylan had already graduated. One of Dylan's friends told him to go out on a limb and friend Lauren on Facebook and message her! They hit it off right away! They were even long distance for a year while Lauren went to college in Pennsylvania. They were both relieved when Lauren came back and went to a college much closer, about an hour from their hometowns.

Every winter you can find these two on the slopes! They love winter and are avid skiers and snowboarders. They always had this shared dream, where they wanted to drive out west and visit ski resorts. So this winter they finally packed up with their new puppy and drove! They ended up at Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Wyoming. Little did Lauren know, Dylan had a secrete surprise up his sleeve. He flew his little brother out to Wyoming to secretly meet them and document the proposal! Dylan’s brother was following them and Lauren never knew! At the top of one of the ski mountains Dylan got down on one knee and asked Lauren to marry him. It was all video taped by Dylan’s brother and they were able to take photos right after! Such an epic and memorable proposal that is so unique to them! I love it!

Congratulations Lauren & Dylan! We can't wait to see you two get married!
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