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Wagon Hill Farm Engagement | Durham, NH | Amber + Brendan| NH Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

NH Wedding Photographer | Amanda Rai Photography

We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening this past Thursday. After a lot of rain that morning, the sun finally came out and all of the clouds disappeared! Amber, Brendan, and I moseyed around Wagon Hill Farm as we exchanged stories and laughed a lot.

wagon hill farm engagement

Amber and Brendan's first date was at Aggie's Ice Cream in South Berwick, Maine. Brendan shared that he was so nervous for that date that he almost didn't show up! We are all so glad he did because that is just where their story starts!

Brendan asked her to marry him on the Prescott Park Pier overlooking the Memorial Bridge in Downtown Portsmouth. They were going to go ice skating, but they went at the wrong time (which he did on purpose) so they had to find "something else to do". Then Brendan drove her to go take a picture in front of the Memorial Bridge, which she thought was super odd because they live here and can see it all the time! Then as they were walking down the pier, and Brendan was mustering up the courage to ask her, someone came along walking their dog and delayed his plan. Finally he did ask her and his friend was in the distance trying to take some photos of the moment. Thankfully she said yes and the whole day's mishaps all made sense!

nh barn wedding

wagon hill farm engagement

It is almost a year until these two tie the knot and I cannot wait to see them say their vows at the beautiful Powder Major's Farm!

nh wedding photographer

Congratulations Amber and Brendan! I can't wait for your big day!

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