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Wagon Hill Farm Engagement | Durham, NH | NH Wedding Photographer | Emily + Damian

NH Wedding Photographer | Light and Airy NH Photographer

NH Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to meet Emily and Damian at Wagon Hill Farm the other day. There isn't quite anything like Wagon Hill in the fall. The rolling hills of grass and trees surrounding were all changing colors. It was beautiful! Emily, Damian, and I had only chatted on the phone once before and I couldn't wait to get to walk around the grounds getting to know them better.

Emily and Damian met in high school and they dated for a year. After high school Emily went to Florida for college while Damian stayed more local. A few years into college they reconnected at a friend’s party. They chatted for over an hour catching up! Afterwards Emily reached out to him and they began talking often. Emily went back down to Florida to start school again and they kept talking. After awhile they became exclusive and started a long distance relationship. They visited each other fairly often. Right after Emily’s graduation Damian asked her to marry him on the beach in St. Pete’s Beach.

I can't wait to hang out with these two again and celebrate next year!!

Congratulations Emily and Damian! I can't wait for next year!
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