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Private Residence, Windham NH Wedding | Denise & Patrick.

Amanda Rai Photography | NH Wedding Photographer

The DJ announced Denise and Patrick into the reception and they headed to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife. They were both beaming and all their family and friends were cheering for them. They get into position to start the slow dance when all of a sudden over the speaker the DJ announces that there had been a last minute change to the song. Denise looked shocked. He goes on to explain that the originally selected song Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran is being replaced by a cover of the song done by our very own, Patrick! Denise had NO idea, and she immediately began to tear up. As the song began, I looked around and most of their family and friends surrounding them were also crying. What a sweet and excellently executed surprise!!

This backyard wedding was intimate and elegant, but also so much fun! There was an area near the tables that had lots of hula hoops. At one point in the day many of the adults began hula hooping and started hula hoop battles. There was so much joy and love that surrounded Denise and Patrick on their wedding day, it was something to really be admired.

Denise and Patrick's love is so evident. They both have a great sense of humor and were smiling and laughing all day long! I absolutely loved being around these two!!

nh wedding photographer

Congratulations Denise and Patrick! It was truly an honor!
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